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“I’ve been using SugarSync for about a year now and I’m really satisfied.” – Sugarsync Review
“I switched over from JustCloud just recently and I gotta say 'Wow I love it' when I refer to BackBlaze. Just icing on the cake for me” – BackBlaze Review
“I have been using Crashplan+ family...It is a true value with real unlimited backup and great uptime. The android application works like a breeze.” – CrashPlan Review
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How we select our best cloud backups

  • Security and Stability -
    we pick providers with a proven track record of stability and strong security and encryption processes
  • Easy to Use -
    our best cloud backup providers offer an intuitive user interface and functionality that is easy to setup and use
  • Value -
    we believe that the best cloud backup is not just affordable but a great value as well.
  • Customer Service -
    if you have an issue or simply need help we believe that you should receive fast, easily accessible, knowledgeable customer service

Questions to ask yourself...

  • What features are on my "must-have" list?
    A good solid backup system should be at the top of your list, however many providers offer additional features like file sync, file sharing, and backup for mobile devices.
  • What is my budget?
    Prices can be anywhere from Free to $50 per month to thousands per month, with the average being $5 to $10 per month. Know your budget.
  • How many computers do I need to backup?
    Most plans are priced per computer, however many providers also offer "family" or "group" plans for multiple computer households.
  • What operating systems do I need to backup?
    Most providers support both Windows and Mac systems with a few providers also supporting Linux. But make sure you verify your needs to what each provider supports.

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