Carbonite vs. Mozy

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Mozy vs. Carbonite


$59.00 per year


$65.89 per year

Mozy or Carbonite – Which Service is Right for You?

In this article we will compare Mozy Home to Carbonite .

UPDATE: Earlier this year Mozy added their “Mozy Stash” feature to their MozyHome product line, and Carbonite recently released their “Currents” sync application.

While Carbonite and Mozy are still mostly a backup solution without many of the other “bells and whistles” you will find with some of the true online storage solutions such as SugarSync, they are both attempting the move in that direction. With Mozy’s new addition of they Stash file sync feature (Mozy Announces “Stash” File Sync Option) you can now sync files and folders between multiple computers. They are also talking about adding file sharing capabilities to Stash as well. With Carbonite you can now also utilize the recently released “Currents” application to sync files between devices.

As an online backup provider and not an online storage provider, both Carbonite and Mozy will only keep a deleted file, photo, or video for a limited amount of time(30 days) before it is also deleted from the backup. Whereas a true online storage provider (who normally will charge by the GB for true archiving services) will keep the file, photo, or video until you manually remove it or sync it from the online storage location.

What you will get with either of these services however, is a provider with a solid history of providing solid off-site backup solutions. Neither of these providers is going out of business any time soon, so you do not need to worry that you are trusting your valuable data to some new startup that won’t be around in 6 months! (does X-Drive sound familiar to anyone?) With Mozy’s newest release(2.0) you also get the ability to backup to a local drive(external if you wish) as well as off-site to the cloud. Mozy has coined it “2xProtect”.

Both Carbonite’s and Mozy’s pricing is based on a per computer model. So if you have multiple computers to backup, then yes, you will pay the monthly or yearly price to backup each computer.

So lets take a closer look at how Mozy and Carbonite really compare…

carbonite mozy
Free Trial 15 Days 2 GB unlimited time
Pricing Home: $59.00/yr (unlimited)
HomePlus: $99/yr
HomePremier: $149/yr
50GB: $5.99/mo
125GB: $9.99/mo
3 computers
Better Business Bureau Rating A+ A+
System Compatability Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP &
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP &
Mac OS X10.4 or higher
Storage Space unlimited based on plan
Number of Computers 1 based on plan
Type of Backup continuous or scheduled continuous or scheduled
Mapped Drives or External Drives check
(1 external drive w/HomePlus
or HomePremier)
File Sharing No No
File Sync No check
Version History check
90 Days
30 days
Deleted Files Kept check check
No File Size Limits 4GB but can override check
Bandwidth Throttling check
when you reach 200GB
No Monthly Transfer Limits check check
Customer Support email/chat
paid phone
Overall Rating


Carbonite -

Carbonite provides unlimited backup for one flat yearly rate($59.99/$99/$149). Carbonite’s backup is setup to run continuously in the background, but can be setup to run on a scheduled basis if preferred. It should be noted that Carbonite is mostly a “backup” solution rather than any type of online file sharing solution.  With the recent release of “Currents” by Carbonite they are making the move towards file synchronization between devices, however. As a secure backup solution Carbonite has been around since 2005, and along with Mozy are the top two best known online backup solutions.

Carbonite Key Features -

  • unlimited storage for one flat yearly fee (three plans to pick from)
  • simple and easy to setup
  • runs continuosly in the background or scheduled
  • access to restore files from anywhere, anytime
  • 15 day free trial
  • PC and Mac Support
  • backup for open/locked files
  • mobile apps for iPhone and Blackberry
  • backup of external drive
  • Currents allows you to sync files across devices


Mozy -

Mozy Key Features -

  • 2GB Free unlimited storage for unlimited time
  • option for continuous or scheduled backups
  • ability to backup external drives
  • 2xProtect – allows for local backups in addition to cloud backups
  • PC and Mac support
  • will backup open/locked files including Outlook .pst files
  • ability to get DVD’s mailed as an additional restore option for large restores
  • no individual file size limits or monthly transfer limits
  • Stash file sync allows you to sync files across multiple devices

Key Differences Between Mozy and Carbonite-

Pricing and Free Trials – Mozy offers both monthly as well as yearly pricing options, while Carbonite only offers a yearly subscription. With Mozy you can also take advantage of their 2GB of Free storage for an unlimited time, while with Carbonite you have a 15 day free trial period to test it out before paying for a yearly subscription.

External Drive Support – Mozy supports backing up external drives as long as they are connected to your computer. Make sure you keep the external drive connected when the Mozy backup runs, because if it is not connected when Mozy runs it’s backup, Mozy will flag all of those files for deletion after 30 days. Carbonite allows you to backup one external drive if you subscribe to either their HomePlus($99/year) or HomePremier($149/year) plans.

Backing Up Your Data – Mozy now offers an additional feature called 2xProtect that will backup your data to an external drive along with doing it’s normal backup to the cloud. This provides you with the additional security of having your data backed up twice, and if necessary speeds up a restore by being able to select the local external drive if available.

One thing to be aware of with Carbonite is that by default Carbonite will exclude certain files such as files larger than 4GB, videos, temp, system and program files from it’s backup. You can manually add these to your backup, but it is something users need to be aware of so they aren’t caught of guard thinking they are backing up files when they are not.

File/Transfer Limitations – Carbonite limits you to being able to backup files of 4GB or less, unless you manually override. Plus they will ratchet down your transfer speed to 100-Kbps if you transfer more than 200GB. Mozy has no such limitations on either file size or monthly transfers.

Restoring Your Data – Mozy gives you 3 options for restoring your files and data -

  • If you’ve over-written a file: the easiest way to get the previous version back from Mozy is to right click on the file in Windows(this is assuming windows systems) and select “Restore Previous Version”. You will be shown all previous versions of the file. Simply select the version you want to restore.
  • Using the MozyHome Online Backup Drive: simply navigate to the file or folder you want to restore and select either the “Restore” or “Restore To”.
  • Web Restore: Login to Mozy select “my computers,” and then “restore files.” You will be prompted to select which files you want to restore and then a link to download them will be emailed you to. NOTE: the files can only be downloaded once and must be done within seven days.

Carbonite has come out with a new “Restore Manager” in it’s most recent 4.0 version. It’s easy to use and provides multiple options for restoring files, however Restore Manager must be run from the computer that Carbonite was installed on. Carbonite does have a web restore option, but it is intended to be used to perform single file restores only, to a computer that does not have Carbonite installed.

UPDATE (Feb 2011): Mozy no longer offers unlimited backup, but Carbonite still does. This is now a key difference between these two giants in the industry. Don’t get us wrong, Carbonite has it’s drawbacks, like it’s file size limitations – Carbonite ratchets down the speed of uploads if you use too much storage. (After 200GB, you can upload only at an excruciating 100-Kbps.), but still continuing to offer the unlimited backup does make it standout in this space now.

Bottom Line -

Both Carbonite and Mozy are companies that have shown stability and long term staying power – neither shows signs of going out of business anytime soon! They both have sound reputations in the online backup community.

Going with either Carbonite or Mozy is better than doing nothing at all. We like Mozy’s features such as their multiple restore options, multiple pricing options, external drive support, and their 2xProtect that offers customers local backup in addition to off-site cloud backup and at no additional cost – being doubly safe for the same price is an excellent option to have. Now with Mozy’s new Stash file sync feature, we believe they are moving in a direction that will continue to seperate them from simple backup solutions like Carbonite. However, if unlimited backup without all the “bells and whistles” is key for you, then you will definately want to go with Carbonite now, because Mozy will be a pricer option since they’ve revamped their pricing and amount of storage space available per plan! Just be aware that Carbonite will throttle your backup speeds down once you reach the 200GB limit.

However, if you are still on the fence, we would suggest you give each a try, by utilizing either Carbonite’s 15 Day Free Trial, or Mozy’s 2GB of Free Storage and decide for yourself.

Visit Carbonite for Information on Carbonite Backup.

Visit Mozy for Information on Mozy Home.

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    Mozy home has changed their pricing scheme today. They no longer offer unlimited storage and they’ve doubled (or perhaps tripled depending on how much you have to back up) their pricing for anything over 50GB, which is anyone with photos and videos of their children like me.

    Stay away from Mozy.